Clearwater, FL — May 22, 2007 — Alex Eckelberry, director of the Tampa Bay Conservation League, argued today that possible plans to build a ball field on parts of the Brooker Creek Preserve should be vigorously opposed.

Last September the Friends of Brooker Creek Preserve voted to oppose ball fields and other active recreation within the boundaries of the preserve. This vote was in response to a plan to allow 38-acres of pine plantation in the preserve to be developed as ball fields for the East Lake Youth Sports Association (ELYSA), a private organization. On March 1, 2007.
the Environmental Science Forum voted against developing this 38-acre site on Old Keystone Rd. as ball fields.

“The Brooker Creek Preserve is the largest environmental preserve in Pinellas County, and is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful conservation areas in the area,” said Alex Eckelberry, director of the Tampa Bay Conservation League. “I support the Friends of Brooker Creek Preserve in their efforts to oppose development”.

Although there is undoubtedly a need in north Pinellas County for more ball fields, these very active places do not belong in the Preserve. he Preserve land is not zoned for such activities nor is the comprehensive land use designated for these activities either. Ball fields, if allowed anywhere on Preserve land, would indeed set a terrible precedent.

More information on this issue can be found at Director Alex Eckelberry Speaks in Support of the Brooker Creek Preserve