Clearwater, FL  December 5, 2010 Alex Eckelberry, director of the Tampa Bay Conservation League, urges Governor-elect Rick Scott not to delay new EPA water quality rules 

The Tampa Bay Conservation League is urging Gov.-elect Rick Scott not to postpone Florida new water quality standards proposed by the EPA. On November 16th, EPA officials announced they were ready to unveil the new pollution limits for Florida's rivers, lakes and springs, but without the new standards.  These new standards are estimated to cost Florida residents 11 to 20 cents per day, for 15 months. 

Florida's powerful agribusiness lobby has been pushing for a delay on these rules, which will positively impact the water quality for all Floridians, said Alex Eckelberry, director of the Tampa Bay Conservation League. However, they are working against their own interests, as these new water quality rules will benefit not only the state's residents, but the long-term viability of the state's economic livelihood.  Massive fish kills, mystery foam and toxic algea blooms do not bode well for our quality of life, nor for Florida's water-based economic needs.

According to the St. Pete Times, about 1,918 miles of Florida's rivers and streams, 378,435 acres of its lakes, and 569 square miles of its estuaries now are considered impaired by nutrient pollution.

About the Tampa Bay Conservation League Founded by Florida technology leader Alex Eckelberry, the Tampa Bay Conservation League is committed to making Tampa Bay a cleaner, healthier environment.  To that end, we support a wide range of environmental initiatives locally, at the state level and nationally.  More information about TBCL can be found at its website, or